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Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning (A/C) is a great way to beat the heat, especially while driving. Driving in the summer heat can be exhausting if your air conditioner isn’t working properly. A/C is most needed in the summer, and to use it regularly, you must understand how to maintain a vehicle’s A/C. Proper maintenance ensures that it runs smoothly and saves you from having to pay exorbitant repair costs at the last minute, which is something we would all prefer to avoid.

What is Vehicle A/C service?

Typically, a vehicle A/C service refers to a complete examination of errors or failures of an air conditioning system and rectifying them accordingly. As we all know, to make a car or heavy-duty vehicle run smoothly, it’s vital to follow a regular service program.

To function properly, air conditioning must be serviced regularly. If you ignore it, you will spend more money than necessary on fuel and possibly a compressor replacement. It can set you back thousands of dollars!

How Does Air Conditioning Work?

The air-conditioning system in your vehicle is composed of five major components:

  • Refrigerant (the gas)
  • Compressor (which contains the refrigerant)
  • Condenser
  • Receiver
  • Thermoplastic expansion valve
  • Coils for evaporation

The refrigerant (gas) flows to the condenser when the air conditioner is turned on. Fresh air from the atmosphere passes over the condenser, causing the gas to cool and turn into a liquid.

Before reaching a thermal expansion valve, the liquid passes through a receiver, removing impurities. By adjusting the flow of the liquid, you can control the temperature. As the liquid passes through the evaporator coils, it turns into a vapour, which is then blown into the cabin as cool air. By this point, the refrigerant has reverted to gas and returned to the compressor, ready for the process to begin again.

Why is my car’s A/C not blowing cold air?

When your air conditioning isn’t working properly, it indicates there is a problem with your system.  Here are a few of them:

Reason 1 – Your A/C needs a recharge

One of the most common causes of a vehicle’s air conditioning system not blowing cold air is that it needs to be recharged. You can recharge your refrigerant on your own, but to save time and verify that the job is done correctly, you should make an appointment with your local automotive workshop, Wolverine Automotive in Fort Nelson, BC, to get proper results.

The proficient automobile technicians at Wolverine Automotive can assist you in recharging your vehicle’s A/C system and making it properly operational. For more details, drop us a line at (250) 787-5559 to get proper assistance.

Reason 2 –  A refrigerant leak

When your vehicle’s air conditioning system develops a refrigerant fluid leak, it cannot be easy to detect because refrigerant fluid instantly evaporates when it comes into contact with air.

A professional mechanic uses specialized tools to determine if there is a leak in the A/C system by introducing ultraviolet fluid to detect signs of low refrigerant pressure.

The following are symptoms of a refrigerant leak:

  • When the air conditioner is turned on, there is an audible click.
  • The air conditioner frequently cycles on and off.
  • The A/C system is making hissing noises (when the engine is off).
  • Around the A/C pipe fittings and hoses, there is oil residue.

Reason 3 – Fan motor failures

Another prevalent cause of problems in your car’s air conditioning system is the fan(s) motor located at the front of the vehicle’s motor. Whether your vehicle has one or two fans, the fan must be in good working order to keep you cool while also providing critical cooling to your engine.

How do I know if my car’s A/C needs service? Red flags

The air conditioning system is one of the most important parts of an automobile. If it experiences technical glitches, it might lead to serious issues and sometimes car burnout or explosion. Here are some of the red flags that your A/C system needs service:

1. Inconsistent cooling

If your vehicle’s cooling is incongruent across all vents, you’re probably low on refrigerant. It is also possible that the decreasing refrigerant levels are the result of a leak. As a result, your mechanic should inspect the problem right away.

2. No cool air

If the air conditioner is not blowing cold air, there could be a concern with the vehicle’s ventilation fan or that some of the hoses are loose. It could also be due to a buildup of dust, dirt, or mould in the system, making it difficult for the evaporator to function properly.

3. A strange or pungent smell

A strange odour wafting through the vents of the car shortly after you switch on your air conditioner shows that it needs some TLC. The smell is likely due to mould growth or a dirty cabin filter.

4. Leaking

Is your vehicle’s air conditioner leaking water? This indicates a possible drain blockage, which, if ignored, could lead to greater and more costly problems.

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