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Steering and Suspension in Taylor, BC

steering & suspension

Have you observed your car swerving to one side while driving or felt the road seems bumpier than usual? You are not alone, and these are common problems in all car models. You may have noticed that the steering and suspension may need to be repaired or updated.

To learn more about what to do when your car experiences steering and suspension problems, continue reading, as it covers some tips to resolve steering and suspension repair issues.

What Do You Mean by Steering and Suspension Systems?

Steering Systems

The steering system works with the suspension system to deliver directional control with minimal steering effort. It must be accomplished while allowing the necessary movement in the vehicle’s suspension system.

Some components serve both systems. The steering system comprises a steering gear, a steering linkage, a steering column, and a steering wheel.

Conventional and Rack & Pinion Steering are the two most common types of Steering systems.

Suspension Systems

The suspension system supports the vehicle and allows the wheels to move up and down over road irregularities. It provides a smooth ride for the frame, engine, transmission, and passengers while keeping the tires in constant contact with the road.

Worn or loose components impair the suspension system’s ability to control motion and alignment angles, resulting in poor vehicle handling and stability and accelerated tire wear. The suspension system’s primary components are as follows:

  • Control Arms
  • Ball joints
  • Springs
  • Shock absorbers
  • Struts

Why is Suspension Repair Important?

The suspension connects the car to the wheels, and many parts work together to make the wheels spin. The repair and maintenance of a vehicle suspension system are critical because it affects not only the motion of the vehicle but also the operation of the other parts of the vehicle.

When engineers inspect the vehicle, they may recommend additional suspension services such as brake repair, steering fluid replacement, or tire replacement and rotation.

Maintaining the suspension will require you to check the air quality and pressure of the tires, the shock absorber integrity, any joints or belts, and any other part of the suspension.

What are the warning signs that your car needs steering & suspension repair?

Steering and suspension are the most important components of a vehicle. But when you analyze or experience some technical glitches, they might lead to some warning signs, such as:

Difficulty when turning the wheel: One of the first things you will notice, especially if you have power steering, is difficulty steering. It could be a leak in the steering fluid, which allows you to control how easily the wheel turns.

Vibration in the steering wheel: As you drive, you might notice the steering wheel wobble or pulse. It could be a steering wheel or an alignment issue.  If these things arise, you should have your vehicle inspected by a trained mechanic.

Looseness in the steering wheel: It is usually caused when a steering wheel is worn on a rack that won’t hold its position.

Suspension errors: Feeling every bump on the road.  When you notice a rough ride, it indicates that your shocks and struts are failing. It gives the impression of bouncing as you drive down the road. You can test this by performing a bounce test: while your car is parked, press down on the front end and let go. The shocks and struts are worn if it bounces back and forth more than three times.  Another sign is that one corner of the car sits lower than the rest.

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